of Kewaskum

  890 Fond Du Lac Ave.                                            *Gasoline*Oil*Snacks*Ice*

  Kewaskum,WI 53040                                            *Pizza*Beer*Candy*Gum*

       (262)626-8471                                                  *Lottery*Diesel*Milk*Soda*





                       BP  of Kewaskum is Washington County's Finest Self Service Gas and

              Diesel Store. 24 hour pumps, food, snacks, ice, soda, beer and all the goodies are available.

             We also have Hunt Brother's Pizza and a  Gourmet Beverage Center, a flavor for every tastebud.

                           Get your food morning, noon or night, its always hot and ready for you !





































Always a happy face at Kewaskum BP




Amoco of Kewaskum Kewaskum Wisconsin Food Pizza Carryout Cold Beer 53040 Diesel Fuel Gas Gasoline

Kewaskum,WI 53040 Motor Oil Anti Freeze Snacks Soda pepsi